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Providing evidence to improve practice

Individual study: Provisional Report of the Central Kalimantan Peatland Project

Published source details

CKPP . (2008) Provisional Report of the Central Kalimantan Peatland Project.

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Increase ‘on-the-ground’ protection (e.g. rangers) Peatland Conservation

A before-and-after study in 2006–2008 in peat swamp forest in Indonesia (CKPP 2008) reported that anti-logging patrols reduced the number of sawmills (associated with illegal logging) in the study area. Before patrols began, 147 sawmills were identified in Katingan Regency, including 102 in active use. After two years of weekly patrols, there were only two sawmills in the area. Patrols involved representatives of the National Park authorities, local communities and non-governmental organizations.

(Summarised by Nigel Taylor)

Provide education or training programmes about peatlands or peatland management Peatland Conservation

A study in 2008 in peat swamps in Indonesia (CKPP 2008) reported that workshops with local people encouraged 3,540 households to adopt sustainable farming practices. The study suggests this is a result of changed attitudes towards sustainable farming (but this was not quantified). Workshops were held to identify agricultural and aquacultural practices suited to the local environment but with minimal negative (or even positive) environmental impacts. The workshops involved farmers, government officials, non-governmental organizations, state research institutions and academics.

(Summarised by Nigel Taylor)