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Individual study: Use of badger tunnels on Highway Agency schemes in England

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Eldridge B. & Wynn J. (2011) Use of badger tunnels on Highway Agency schemes in England. Conservation Evidence, 8, 53-57


Monitoring of badger tunnels using clay mats on nine Highways Agency road schemes was undertaken to establish their effectiveness in terms of use by large mammals (primarily European badger Meles meles), as well as the efficacy of tunnel design advice provided by the agency.  The results indicate that tunnels are an effective means of mitigating the effects of all types of new road schemes on badgers; 89% of the tunnels monitored were used.  The results suggest that no one factor is of over-riding importance in tunnel design; however, design features that appeared to be associated with the use of tunnels were good vegetation cover, habitat connectivity, good drainage and a tunnel width of at least 600 mm.