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An individual study is a summary of a specific scientific study, providing background context, the conservation action(s) taken and their consequences.

6616 Studies found

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Viennese Programme of Contracted Nature Conservation

Based on: Kromp B., Hann P., Kraus P. & Meindl P. (2004)

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2004 3

Video-monitoring helps to optimize the rescue of second-hatched chicks in the endangered bearded vulture Gypaetus barbatus

Based on: Margalida A., Garca D., Heredia R. & Bertran J. (2009)

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2009 1

Video surveillance to assess highway underpass use by elk in Arizona

Based on: Dodd N.I., Gagnon J.W., Manzo A. I. & Schweinsburg R.E. (2006)

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2006 1

Viability of invertebrate diapausing eggs exposed to saltwater: implications for Great Lakes' ship ballast management

Based on: Gray D.K., Bailey S.A., Duggan I.C. & MacIsaac H.J. (2005)

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2005 0

Veteran Trees: A guide to good management (IN13)

Based on: Helen Read (Veteran Trees Initiative) (2000)

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2000 0

Vertical canopy structure of Dutch chalk grasslands in relation to their management. Vegetatio (now Plant Ecology)

Based on: Mitchley J. & Willems J.H. (1995)

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1995 0

Vertebrate use of a restored riparian site: A case study on the central coast of California

Based on: Queheillalt D.M. & Morrison M.L. (2006)

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2006 2

Vertebrate fauna recolonization of restored bauxite mines - key findings from almost 30 years of monitoring and research

Based on: Nichols O.G. & Grant C.D. (2007)

Study Link
2007 5

Vertebrate fauna evaluation after habitat restoration in a reserve within Mexico City

Based on: San-José M., Garmendia A. & Cano-Santana Z. (2013)

Study Link
2013 1

Vegetative response under various grazing management systems in the Edwards Plateau of Texas

Based on: Reardon P.O. & Merrill L.B. (1976)

Study Link
1976 0

Vegetative response to chemical control of broom snakeweed on a blue grama range

Based on: Gesink R.W., Alley H.P. & Lee G.A. (1973)

Study Link
1973 0

Vegetative response of Arctostaphylos uva-ursi to experimental cutting and burning

Based on: del Barrio J., Luis-Calabuig E. & Tárrega R. (1999)

Study Link
1999 0

Vegetative regeneration of Calluna vulgaris at different ages and fertilizer levels

Based on: Berdowski J.J.M. & Siepel H. (1988)

Study Link
1988 0

Vegetative propagation of three mangrove tree species by cuttings and air layering

Based on: Eganathan P., Srinivasa Rao C. & Anand A. (2000)

Study Link
2000 0

Vegetative propagation of desert saltgrass rhizomes

Based on: Pavlicek K.A., Johnson G.V. & Aldon E.F. (1977)

Study Link
1977 0

Vegetative composition, forage production, and plant vigor as influenced by date of mowing

Based on: Hazell D.B. (1965)

Study Link
1965 0

Vegetative changes on protected versus grazed desert grassland ranges in Arizona

Based on: Smith D.A. & Schmutz E.M. (1975)

Study Link
1975 0

Vegetational responses of a mixed-grass prairie site following exclusion of prairie dogs and bison

Based on: Cid M.S., Detling J.K., Whicker A.D. & Brizuela M.A. (1991)

Study Link
1991 0

Vegetation succession on reclaimed coal wastes in Spain: The influence of soil and environmental factors

Based on: Alday J.G. , Marrs R.H. & Martínez Ruiz C (2011)

Study Link
2011 1

Vegetation succession in a floating mire in relation to management and hydrology

Based on: Van Diggelen R., Molenaar W.J. & Kooijman A.M. (1996)

Study Link
1996 1

Vegetation stabilisation and slope failure of eroding sand dunes

Based on: Carter R.W.G. (1980)

Study Link
1980 0

Vegetation response to the reintroduction of cattle grazing on an English lowland valley mire and wet heath

Based on: Groome G.M. & Shaw P. (2015)

Study Link
2015 2

Vegetation response to prescribed fire in Douglas-fir forests, Olympic National Park

Based on: Fonda R.W. & Binney E.P. (2011)

Study Link
2011 2

Vegetation response to midstorey mulching and prescribed burning for wildfire hazard reduction and longleaf pine (Pinus palustris Mill.) ecosystem restoration

Based on: Brockway D.G., Outcalt K.W., Estes B.L. & Rummer R.B. (2009)

Study Link
2009 3

Vegetation response to grazing management in a Mediterranean herbaceous community: a functional group approach

Based on: Sternberg M., Gutman M., Perevolotsky A., Ungar E.D. & Kigel J. (2000)

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2000 2
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