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An individual study is a summary of a specific scientific study, providing background context, the conservation action(s) taken and their consequences.

6616 Studies found

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Whole aspect on nature and management of peat swamp forest in Thailand

Based on: Nuyim T. (2000)

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2000 2

White‐tailed deer fawn recruitment before and after experimental coyote removals in central Georgia

Based on: Gulsby W.D., Killmaster C.H., Bowers J.W., Kelly J.D., Sacks B.N., Statham M.J. & Miller K.V. (2015)

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2015 1

White-tailed sea eagle Haliaeetus albicilla reintroduction to the Isle of Rhum, Scotland, 1975-1977

Based on: Love J.A. & Ball M.E. (1979)

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1979 1

White-tailed deer roadside behavior, wildlife warning reflectors and highway mortality

Based on: Waring G.H., Griffis J.L. & Vaughn M.E. (1991)

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1991 1

When flyways meet highways - The relative permeability of different motorway crossing sites to functionally diverse bat species

Based on: Abbott I.M., Butler F. & Harrison S. (2012)

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2012 2

Wheel traffic and tillage effects on runoff and crop yield

Based on: Li Y.X., Tullberg J.N. & Freebairn D.M. (2007)

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2007 2

Wheat Yields, Nitrogen Uptake, and Soil Moisture Following Winter Legume Cover Crop vs. Fallow

Based on: McGuire A.M., Bryant D.C. & Denison R.F. (1998)

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1998 1

What type of tunnel could reduce road kills?

Based on: Lesbarrères D., Lodé T. & Merilä J. (2004)

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2004 1

What limits the spread of two congeneric butterfly species after their reintroduction: quality or spatial arrangement of habitat?

Based on: van Langevelde F. & Wynhoff I. (2009)

Study Link
2009 0

What is the impact of Impatiens glandulifera on species diversity of invaded riparian vegetation?

Based on: Hejda M. & Pyšek P. (2006)

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2006 0

What are we protecting? Fisher behavior and the unintended consequences of spatial closures as a fishery management tool

Based on: Abbott J.K. & Haynie A.C. (2012)

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2012 1

What are the effects of salmonid stocking in lakes on native fish populations and other fauna and flora? Part A: Effects on native biota. Systematic Review No.13

Based on: Stewart G.B., Bayliss H.R., Showler D.A., Sutherland W.J. & Pullin A.S. (2007)

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2007 0

Wetting up farmland for birds and other biodiversity

Based on: Defra (2007)

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2007 8

Wetlands mitigation: partnership between an electric power company and a federal wildlife refuge

Based on: Perry M.C., Sibrel C.B. & Gough G.A. (1996)

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1996 2

Wetland restoration for amphibians: should local sites be designed to support metapopulations or patchy populations?

Based on: Petranka J.W. & Holbrook C.T. (2006)

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2006 1

Wetland mitigation and amphibians: preliminary observations at a southwestern Illinois bottomland hardwood forest restoration site

Based on: Mierzwa K.S. (2000)

Study Link
2000 1

Wetland features that influence occupancy by the endangered Hawaiian duck

Based on: Uyehara K.J., Engilis A. Jr. & Dugger B.D. (2008)

Study Link
2008 1

Wetland creation in agricultural landscapes: Biodiversity benefits on local and regional scales

Based on: Thiere G., Milenkowski S., Lindgren P.E., Sahlen G., Berglund O. & Weisner S.E.B. (2009)

Study Link
2009 1

Western corn rootworm (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) larval control with chlorpyrifos applied at planting time versus a post-planting chemigation application to corn grown under two different tillage systems

Based on: Peters L.L. & Lowry S.R. (1991)

Study Link
1991 1

Welsh Assembly Government Contract 183/2007/08 to Undertake Agri-environment Monitoring and Services. Lot 2 – Species Monitoring. Final report: October 2012

Based on: MacDonald M.A., Morris A.J., Dodd S., Johnstone I., Beresford A., Angell R., Haysom K., Langton S., Tordoff G., Brereton T., Hobson R., Shellswell C., Hutchinson N., Dines T., Wilberforce E.M., Parry R. & Matthews V. (2012)

Study Link
2012 3

Well-placed bat houses can attract bats to Central Valley farms

Based on: Long R.F., Kiser W.M. & Kiser S.B. (2006)

Study Link
2006 1

Weed Seedbank Characterization in Long-Term Cotton–Tomato Rotations in California

Based on: Shrestha A., Mitchell J.P. & Hembree K.J. (2015)

Study Link
2015 2

Weed management and the habitat protection of rare species: a case study of the endemic hawaiian fern Marsilea villosa

Based on: Wester L. (1994)

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1994 0

Weed control and root maggots: making canola pest management strategies compatible

Based on: Dosdall L.M., Clayton G.W., Harker K.N., O'Donovan J.T. & Stevenson F.C. (2003)

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2003 1

Weed control and cover crop management affect mycorrhizal colonization of grapevine roots and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal spore populations in a California vineyard

Based on: Baumgartner K., Smith R.F. & Bettiga L. (2005)

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2005 2
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