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An individual study is a summary of a specific scientific study, providing background context, the conservation action(s) taken and their consequences.

6616 Studies found

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The behaviour of migrating anurans at a tunnel and fence system

Based on: Buck-Dobrick T. & Dobrick R. (1989)

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1989 2

The benefits of mountain gorilla tourism

Based on: Harcourt A.H. (2001)

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2001 5

The bio-economic effects of artificial reefs: mixed evidence from Shandong, China

Based on: Sun P., Liu X., Tang Y., Cheng W., Sun R., Wang X., Wan R. & Heino M. (2017)

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2017 1

The biodiversity of three traditional orchards within the Wyre Forest SSSI in Worcestershire: a survey by the Wyre Forest Study Group (ENRR707)

Based on: Smart M.J. & Winnall R.A. (2006)

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2006 0

The black-bellied whistling duck in Mexico-from traditional use to sustainable management?

Based on: Feekes F. (1991)

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1991 1

The breeding and re-establishment of the brush-tailed bettong, Bettongia penicillata, in South Australia

Based on: Delroy L.B., Earl J., Radbone I., Robinson A.C. & Hewett M. (1986)

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1986 1

The breeding of Abdim's storks at the Audubon Park Zoo

Based on: Farnell G. & Shannon P.W. (1987)

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1987 2

The breeding of the kestrel Falco tinnunculus, in the reclaimed area Ootelijk Flevoland

Based on: Cave A.J. (1968)

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1968 1

The breeding, care and management of vespertilionid bats in the laboratory

Based on: Racey P.A. (1970)

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1970 1

The British Columbia transplant of sea otters Enhydra lutris

Based on: Morris R., Ellis D.V. & Emerson B.P. (1981)

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1981 1

The bryophyte layer in a calcareous grassland after a decade of contrasting mowing regimes

Based on: Vanderpoorten A., Delescaille L.M. & Jacquemart A.L. (2004)

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2004 0

The BTO Barn Owl Monitoring Programme: Final Report 2000-2009

Based on: Dadam D., Barimore C.J., Shawyer C.R. & Leech D.I. (2011)

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2011 1

The capacity of benthos release panels to reduce the impacts of beam trawls on benthic communities.

Based on: Revill A.S. & Jennings S. (2005)

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2005 1

The captive management and breeding of poison-dart frogs, family Dendrobatidae, at Jersey Wildlife Preservation Trust

Based on: Preece D.J. (1998)

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1998 1

The carabid fauna of maize fields under different rotation regimes

Based on: Desender K. & Alderweireldt M. (1990)

Study Link
1990 1

The carabids of conventional and widened field margins

Based on: Telfer M.G., Meek W.R., Lambdon P., Pywell R.F., Sparks T.H. & Nowakowski M. (2000)

Study Link
2000 1

The Carolina Herp Atlas: an online, citizen-science approach to document amphibian and reptile occurrences

Based on: Price S.J. & Dorcas M.E. (2011)

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2011 1

The carrot or the stick? Evaluation of education and enforcement as management tools for human-wildlife conflicts

Based on: Baruch-Mordo S., Breck S.W., Wilson K.R. & Broderick J. (2011)

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2011 3

The catastrophic impact of invasive mammalian predators on birds of the UK Overseas Territories: a review and synthesis

Based on: Hilton G.M. & Cuthbert R.J. (2010)

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2010 1

The Changes in Ant Species Distribution During Ten Years Post-Fire Regeneration of a Heath

Based on: Brian M.V., Mountford M.D., Abbott A. & Vincent S. (1976)

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1976 1

The changing status of the Chalkhill Blue butterfly Polyommatus coridon in the UK: the impacts of conservation policies and environmental factors

Based on: Brereton T.M., Warren M.S., Roy D.B. & Stewart K. (2008)

Study Link
2008 1

The clear-felling of sand-dune plantations: soil and vegetational processes in habitat restoration

Based on: Sturgess P. & Atkinson D. (1993)

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1993 0

The colonisation by great crested newts (Triturus cristatus) of a water body following treatment with a piscicide to remove a large population of sticklebacks (Gasterosteus aculeatus)

Based on: McLee A.G. & Scaife R.W. (1992)

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1992 1

The combined effects of remnant vegetation and tree planting on farmland birds

Based on: Cunningham R.B., Lindenmayer D.B., Crane M., Michael D., MacGregor C., Montague-Drake R. & Fischer J. (2008)

Study Link
2008 1

The comparative effects of habitat complexity on faunal assemblages of northern temperate artificial and natural reefs

Based on: Hunter W.R. & Sayer M.D.J. (2009)

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2009 2
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