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An individual study is a summary of a specific scientific study, providing background context, the conservation action(s) taken and their consequences.

6616 Studies found

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Evaluating the effectiveness of an ultrasonic acoustic deterrent for reducing bat fatalities at wind turbines.

Based on: Arnett E.B., Hein C.D., Schirmacher M.R., Baker M., Huso M.M.P. & Szewczak J.M. (2011)

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2011 0

Evaluating the effectiveness of an ultrasonic acoustic deterrent for reducing bat fatalities at wind turbines

Based on: Arnett E.B., Hein C.D., Schirmacher M.R., Huso M.M.P. & Szewczak J.M. (2013)

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2013 1

Altering turbine speed reduces bat mortality at wind-energy facilities

Based on: Arnett E.B., Huso M.M.P., Schirmacher M.R. & Hayes J.P. (2010)

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2010 1

A synthesis of operational mitigation studies to reduce bat fatalities at wind energy facilities in North America. A report submitted to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Based on: Arnett E.B., Johnson G.D., Erickson W.P. & Hein C.D. (2013)

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2013 2

Diversionary feeding can reduce red deer habitat selection pressure on vulnerable forest stands, but is not a panacea for red deer damage

Based on: Arnold J.M., Gerhardt P., Steyaert S., Hackländer K. & Hochbichler E. (2018)

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2018 1

Intraclutch variation in egg size of American coots

Based on: Arnold T.W. (1991)

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1991 1

Effects of supplemental food on egg production in American coots

Based on: Arnold T.W. (1994)

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1994 1

Water Vole Mitigation Techniques: A Questionnaire Research Project (ENRR415)

Based on: Arnott D.A. (2001)

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2001 0

A six year study on the populations dynamics of the crested newt (Triturus cristatus) following the colonisation of a newly created pond

Based on: Arntzen J.W. & Teunis S.F.M. (1993)

Study Link
1993 1

Newt-fish interactions in a small forest lake

Based on: Aronsson S. & Stenson J.A.E. (1995)

Study Link
1995 1

Fishing methods for sustainable shrimp fisheries in the Canary Islands (North-West Africa)

Based on: Arrasate-López M., Tuset V., Santana J., García-Mederos A., Ayza O. & González J. (2012)

Study Link
2012 1

Alloparental care and kleptoparasitism in the semicolonial Montagu's harrier Circus pygargus

Based on: Arroyo B.E. & Garcia J.T. (2002)

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2002 1

First decadal response to treatment in a disturbance-based silviculture experiment in Maine

Based on: Arseneault J.E., Saunders M.R., Seymour R.S. & Wagner R.G. (2011)

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2011 1

Wood thrush (Hylocichla mustelina) nesting ecology in relation to prescribed burning of mixed-oak forest in Ohio

Based on: Artman V.L. & Downhower J.F. (2003)

Study Link
2003 1

Prescribed burning to restore mixed-oak communities in southern Ohio: effects on breeding-bird populations

Based on: Artman V.L., Sutherland E.K. & Downhower J.F. (2001)

Study Link
2001 1

Is trophy hunting of bharal (blue sheep) and Himalayan tahr contributing to their conservation in Nepal?

Based on: Aryal A., Dhakal M., Panthi S., Yadav B.P., Shrestha L.B., Bencini R., Raubenheimer D. & Ji W.H. (2015)

Study Link
2015 1

Optimum brood size for artificial propagation of the stingless bee Scaptotrigona mexicana

Based on: Arzaluz A., Obregón F. & Jones R. (2002)

Study Link
2002 1

Effects of salinity and cutting on the development of Phragmites australis

Based on: Asaeda T., Manatunge J., Fujino T. & Sovira D. (2003)

Study Link
2003 0

Factors affecting culvert use by vertebrates along two stretches of road in southern Portugal

Based on: Ascensão F. & Mira A. (2007)

Study Link
2007 1

Importance of ecological compensation areas for small mammals in intensively farmed areas

Based on: Aschwanden J., Holzgang O. & Jenni L. (2007)

Study Link
2007 4

Prescribed burning and browsing to control tree encroachment in southern European heathlands

Based on: Ascoli D., Lonati M., Marzano R., Bovio G., Cavallero A. & Lombardi G. (2013)

Study Link
2013 3

The introduction of native plant species on industrial waste heaps: a test of immigration and other factors affecting primary succession

Based on: Ash H.J. Gemmell R.P. & Bradshaw A.D. (1994)

Study Link
1994 0

Restoration of a Sri Lankan rainforest: using Caribbean pine Pinus caribaea as a nurse for establishing late-successional tree species

Based on: Ashton P.M.S., Gamage S., Gunatilleke I.A.U.N. & Gunatilleke C.V.S. (1997)

Study Link
1997 0

Agri-environment schemes and foraging of barn owls Tyto alba

Based on: Askew N.P., Searle J.B. & Moore N.P. (2007)

Study Link
2007 5

Hedgerow Maintenance and Restoration under the ESA and Countryside Stewardship Schemes

Based on: Associates C.B. (2004)

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2004 1
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