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An individual study is a summary of a specific scientific study, usually taken from a scientific journal, but also from other resources such as reports. It tells you the background context, the action(s) taken and their consequences.

67 Studies found

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A multidisciplinary evaluation of restoration measures in a degraded Cirsio-Molinietum fen meadow

Based on: van Duren I.C., Strykstra R.J., Grootjans A.P., ter Heerdt G.N.J. & Pegtel D.M. (1998)

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1998 5

A new approach for tracking vegetation change after restoration: a case study with peatlands

Based on: Poulin M., Andersen R. & Rochefort L. (2013)

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2013 1

Agroforesty [sic] system for rehabilitation of degraded peatland in Central Kalimantan

Based on: Harun M.K. & Yuwati T.W. (2015)

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2015 1

Animal and vegetation patterns in natural and man-made bog pools: implications for restoration

Based on: Mazerolle M.J., Poulin M., Lavoie C., Rochefort L., Desrochers A. & Drolet B. (2006)

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2006 5

Artificial bird perches for the regeneration of degraded tropical peat swamp forest: a restoration tool with limited potential

Based on: Graham L.L.B. & Page S.E. (2011)

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2011 1

Can indicator species predict restoration outcomes early in the monitoring process? A case study with peatlands

Based on: González E., Rochefort L., Boudreau S., Hugron S. & Poulin M. (2013)

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2013 1

Comparing survey methods for monitoring vegetation change through time in a restored peatland

Based on: Rochefort L., Isselin-Nondedeu F., Boudreau S. & Poulin M. (2013)

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2013 1

Controls on plot-scale growing season CO2 and CH4 fluxes in restored peatlands: do they differ from unrestored and natural sites?

Based on: Strack M., Cagampan J., Hassanpour Fard G., Keith A.M., Nugent K., Rankin T., Robinson C. & Strachan I.B. (2016)

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2016 1

Covering bare ground suppresses unwanted willows and aids a fen meadow restoration in Switzerland

Based on: Suter M., Prohaska C. & Ramseier D. (2006)

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2006 1

Ditch restoration in a large Northern Michigan fen: vegetation response and basic porewater chemistry

Based on: Bess J.A., Chimner R.A. & Kangas L.C. (2014)

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2014 3

Ectomycorrhizal fungi promote growth of Shorea balangeran in degraded peat swamp forests

Based on: Turjaman M., Santoso E., Susanto A., Gaman S., Limin S.H., Tamai Y., Osaki M. & Tawaraya K. (2011)

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2011 2

Effectiveness of turf stripping as a measure for restoring species-rich fen meadows in suboptimal hydrological conditions

Based on: Van der Hoek D. & Heijmans M. (2007)

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2007 1

Effects of topsoil removal, seed transfer with plant material and moderate grazing on restoration of riparian fen grasslands

Based on: Rasran L., Vogt K. & Jensen K. (2007)

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2007 5

Efficacy of sod removal in regenerating fen vegetation for the conservation of the marsh fritillary butterfly Euphydryas aurinia, Montiaghs Moss Nature Reserve, County Antrim, Northern Ireland

Based on: Reid N. & McEvoy P.M. (2009)

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2009 1

Ekologie rašelinišť na Šumavě

Based on: Horn P. (2012)

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2012 1

Energy and moisture considerations on cutover peatlands: surface microtopography, mulch cover and Sphagnum regeneration

Based on: Price J., Rochefort L. & Quinty F. (1998)

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1998 3

Establishing trees on cut-over peatlands in eastern Canada

Based on: Bussières J., Boudreau S. & Rochefort L. (2008)

Study Link
2008 2

Experimental Marsh Fritillary Habitat Restoration Project Avongovie, Islay

Based on: Kirkland P. (2014)

Study Link
2014 1

Experimental restoration of a fen plant community after peat mining

Based on: Cobbaert D., Rochefort L. & Price J.S. (2004)

Study Link
2004 4

Experiments with restoration of raised bog vegetation in Aukštumala Raised Bog in Lithuania

Based on: Jarašius L., Pakalnis R., Sendžikaitė J. & Matelevičiūtė D. (2013)

Study Link
2013 1

Extinction and reintroduction of the bryophyte Scorpidium scorpioides in a rich-fen spring site in the Netherlands

Based on: Kooijman A.M., Beltman B. & Westhoff V. (1994)

Study Link
1994 1

Factors affecting re-vegetation dynamics of experimentally restored extracted peatland in Estonia

Based on: Karofeld E., Müür M. & Vellak K. (2016)

Study Link
2016 3

Feasible locations for gully blocking. Pages 27–76 in: Evans M., Allott T., Holden J., Flitcroft C. & Bonn A. (eds.) Understanding gully blocking in deep peat

Based on: Evans M., Allott T., Crowe S. & Liddaman L. (2005)

Study Link
2005 1

Fertiliser addition is important for tree growth on cut-over peatlands in eastern Canada

Based on: Caisse G., Boudreau S., Munson A.D. & Rochefort L. (2008)

Study Link
2008 3

Field experiment of Sphagnum reintroduction on a dry abandoned peatland in eastern Canada

Based on: Bugnon J.-L., Rochefort L. & Price J.S. (1997)

Study Link
1997 2
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