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A review of environmental benefits supplied by agri-environment schemes

Based on: Boatman N., Ramwell C., Parry H., Jones N., Bishop J., Gaskell P., Short C., Mills J. & Dwyer J. (2008)

Evaluation of impacts of management in an anthropogenic peatland using field and remote sensing data


Based on: Cabezas J., Galleguillos M., Valdés A., Fuentes J.P., Pérez C. & Perez-Quezada J.F. (2015)

Lowland forest loss in protected areas of Indonesian Borneo


Based on: Curran L.M., Trigg S.N. & McDonald A.K. (2004)

Peatland conversion and degradation processes in insular Southeast Asia: a case study in Jambi, Indonesia

Land Degradation and Development

Based on: Miettinen J., Wang J., Hooijer A. & Liew S. (2013)

The peatland area change in past 20 years in the Zoige Basin, eastern Tibetan Plateau

Frontiers in Earth Science

Based on: Yao L., Zhao Y., Gao S., Sun J. & Li F. (2011)

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