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Catalogue of Conservation Reports: Results from Systematic Searches

18 studies found

40 years of natterjack toad conservation in Europe


Beebee T., Cabido C., Eggert C., Mestre I.G., Iraola A., Garin-Barrio I., Griffiths R.A., Miaud C., Oromi N., Sanuy D., Sinsch U. & Tejedo M. (2012) Froglog, 101, 40-43.

A review of the success of bat boxes in houses

Bat Conservation Trust (2006) Scottish Natural Heritage report, 160.

Amphibian breeding station in Hanoi: a trial model for linking conservation and research with sustainable use


Truong N.Q., The D.T., Cuong P.T., Tao N.T. & Ziegler T. (2009) Froglog, 91, 12-15.

Amphibian conservation in Britain


Wilkinson J.W. & Buckley J. (2012) Froglog, 101, 12-13.

Amphibian rescue and conservation project - Panama


Gratwicke B (2012) Froglog, 102, 17-20.

Bats and licensing: a report on the success of maternity roost compensation measures

Mackintosh M (2016) Scottish Natural Heritage report, 928.

Endangered chinhai salamander colonising newly created breeding habitat


Sparreboom M., Feng X. & Liang F. (2001) Froglog, 47, 1-2.

Experimental Marsh Fritillary Habitat Restoration Project Avongovie, Islay

Kirkland P. (2014) Scottish Natural Heritage report, 544.

Identifying a range of options to prevent or reduce avian collision with offshore wind farms using a UK-based case study

BTO Research Reports

Cook A. S. C. P, Ross-Smith V. H., Roos S., Burton N. H. K., Beale N., Coleman C. & Martin G (2011) British Trust for Ornithology report.

Impacts of Changes in Sewage Disposal on Populations of Waterbirds Wintering on the Northumbrian Coast

BTO Research Reports

Burton N. H. K., Goddard A. P. & Grant A (2009) British Trust for Ornithology report.

Lessons learned from tree planting on Rum National Nature Reserve

Stiven R. & Smith M. (2005) Scottish Natural Heritage report.

Management for invertebrates in North Argyll and Lochaber: the effects of cyclical clearance of wayleaves on butterflies

Scottish Natural Heritage Reports

Ravenscroft N. (2006) Scottish Natural Heritage report.

Successful treatment of chytridiomycosis


Nichols D.K. & Lamirande E.W. (2001) Froglog, 46, 1.

The effects of removing invasive Ranunculus on juvenile salmonids and freshwater pearl mussels in the River Spey

Scottish Natural Heritage Reports

Laughton R., Cosgrove P. & Hastie L. (2004) Scottish Natural Heritage report.

The Eradication of Ruddy Ducks in the United Kingdom

Aliens: The Invasive Species Bulletin (IUCN)

Henderson I. (2010) IUCN Invasive Species Bulletin report, 29, 17-24.

Treefrog reintroduction project in Latvia


Zvirgzds J. (1998) Froglog, 27, 2-3.

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